Sunday, 27 October 2013

Shipping Out to Boston, or What to Do With all the Food?

I'm headed to a conference in New England for a week. Soon. Cue my favorite music for my favorite international airport:

As is usual when I have to go away for a bit (a rant on the joys of academic travel is for another time), I try to clean out my refrigerator. I've found that no matter how much you try to tell your housemates, 'I'm going away, please help yourself to the carrots in the bottom of the fridge', you will inevitably get back to the evolution of New Life. Since cleaning the refrigerator ranks only above ironing on my list of most despised household chores, I've been trying to use up all my veg. Here's how I did:

  • Four apples went into a cake, along with an egg, and the rest of the butter, which I brought to a knitting group meeting
  • Three nectarines and two eggs went into a cake, and ended up at a Halloween party
  • A butternut squash, two apples, and an onion went into a soup. I should post the recipe for that, it's good.
  • The bananas went in the freezer. I don't really like fresh bananas (except with peanut butter on toast) but I love to freeze them for future baking
  • The swede (the vegetable!) got chopped and stuffed in the freezer for future soup
  • I picked all the tomatoes from outside and asked a housemate to use them, please
  • The potatoes will go in the refrigerator to prevent sprouting
  • All the satsumas have been eaten
  • I made kale, carrots, more onion, some garlic, the rest of the eggs, and some of the cheddar into a quiche
  • The rest of the cheddar was grated and shoved in the freezer
  • I handed the leeks to my Vegan Housemate and told her to use them
  • I attempted to make kiwi jam, with five kiwis and half a remaining lemon, got distracted by picking tomatoes, and invented Caramelized Kiwi Candy. That mess went in the trash.
I still have enough leftovers from this frenzy of activity to have a nice meal tonight and a good breakfast before shipping out tomorrow. I've also frozen a lot of soup, so I won't have to worry about shopping when I get back, which is good, since I don't sleep on flights; that makes me wander into traffic when I try to go grocery shopping after I get home, which is bad.

How do you prepare for leaving awhile?


  1. Yes, you should post the soup recipe!

    Also, what the eff is a swede (vegetable, not country)?

  2. A swede, my friend, looks like a large turnip, but for some reason they don't call it a turnip. It is extremely hard to chop but is great in soup.